Crisis over

Finally got my geeky hat back on last night and finished up my iot rc car! I know, trust me I’m more surprised than you!

The project was one I enjoyed, but not a 2am passion. Though this meant the project took a lot longer than it should, it also means I did things after careful consideration. For the end product this has resulted in absolutely no tape being used (pretty sure this is a first), things have even been stuck down with glue .

The car does wheelies, all the time, it’s a happy accident. Also I haven’t managed to get cornering to work, I’m not bothered, I haven’t tried to be honest.

Want to keep moving on and not get bogged down in perfecting this. Need to revisit an old project, thinking about a total overhaul… ho hum, things to consider!

What is my problem?

so, why haven’t i been posting over the last couple of months? well my excuse up to this point is that i’ve recently moved house and have had to spend almost all my time fighting metaphorical fires. this now has thankfully ended, everything at home seems to be fairly sorted i’m happy to report.

one thing i would like to comment on is the lazy writing in the wwe at the moment, neither brand seems to have any direction and seems to be killing time. even the jinder title reign in sdl isn’t enough to peek my interest (he seems far too transitional, would love him not to be, but the speed of his build was ott to say the least).

hope to geek a little tonight, have already repaired a tripod today, may mount a camera to it and try for some more nighttime photography and even some light writing maybe… we’ll see, might just stream some borderlands 2.


On a different point i need to find an online community to take an active role in…

oh yeah, i printed a spaceship!

till’ next time



Getting back into it

Wow, really have fallen off the wagon with regards to keeping up with my blog!

I guess the only question that should be asked is, what have you been up to? Simple answer is not anything interesting unfortunately. I’ve  done this and that, bought a birdbath that doesn’t hold water for instance, but nothing geeky and i haven’t been keeping up with the grapples!

So where do i go from here, the easiest thing for me to do is just get back into it, go up to the study, sit down, stick this weeks smackdown on and pick up my node mcu (having problems with it driving two different motors (not sure is it’s a code issue or a power issue). Think i’ll even take some picks for you lovely people! Right, now that we have a plan, and we all know what we’re doing, i’ll bid you farewell and promise to update later today with any progress!



The changes i’d have

So, with the ‘supertstar shakeup’ next week, what changes would i make? Well to start off i’d give Stephanie a new gimmick, she’s worn out, old and stale, she is a large part of the reason i don’t enjoy raw as much as i could. She’s boring, she lives to assert her own importance. I will at this point take a moment to separate character from person, in RL i’m sure Stephanie is perfectly normal and in no way like the monster she portrays on TV once a week. Her not being at raw this weekend leaving Kurt to manage on his own was a blessing, and one that made the whole show much more enjoyable. I like Kurt as GM, I missed all the crazy Kurt stuff first time round, i don’t remember the sexy Kurt song, it’s a shame, it look like it was fantastic.

On to the wrestlers

Ok for most of this to work, AJ has to stay on smackdown. I, like everyone else has seen the rumours for months, AJ is moving to raw. I thought this was a done deal, AJ had come to the end of his feud with John Cena and didn’t have an obvious next step after wrestle mania. What convinced me was his promo with Shane this last Tuesday night, with the shuffle heels could be brought over from the heel heavy raw show. So i would bring over Rusev (and Lana) and a heel Roman Reigns. Roman would have a shot of being a legitimate heel against a babyface AJ, AJ could build his and work with him in a way no other superstar can at the moment. Rusev is very under utilised on raw, with Braun and Brock as monster heels, handsome Rusev doesn’t really get a look in. Brock and Braun would be a fantastic series, i’d defiantly tune in just for it.

I’d trade all of the women to smackdown and unify the belts, and i’d trade all of the tag teams to raw and again, unify the belts. This would deepen the talent pools of each roster respectively, and give each more TV time as more focused devisions leads to broader TV coverage. If this doesn’t happen the hinted-at move of Charlotte to smackdown would be great.

I do buy into what Shane said about smackdown being a much better show, i’m not sure why, i was thinking about the different storyline each show has run over the last few months and in my opinion, the Jeri-ko feud has been the best. Bray and Randy did well, but i agree with most saying the ending was rushed.

This is why i’d move Sami Zayn to smackdown, with John Cena off TV for a while, Sami could fillthe face hole left. This is assuming the a. AJ styles doesn’t fill the face hole and b. they bring over some heels to give all the faces rivalries.

Move of these moves bring stars from raw to smackdown, this is to allow for both Finn Balor and Seth Rollins to return, they missed most of last year through injury, and after bringing up Samoa Joe the roster is feeling pretty full of upper card talent. You may have also noticed that i haven’t brought anyone up from NXT, this is to try to rebuild this is all about rebuilding the brand. NXT were decimated last year as a result of the draft, they have to be given time to rebuild their various devisions.

This seems a little short, but i don’t think this should be at the same level at the draft, i may add more over the next few days though



New things

Hello! I haven’t updated for ages! I’ve moved house!

This all happened very suddenly, which i know doesn’t sound good, but we just bought our first home and the seller wanted out quickly. All is good and all is happy, i’ve just set up my office today 🙂 hummmmm desk to write at!


I’ve had the internet now for a few days and thus managed to watch wrestle mania for the first time. I don’t mean that i’ve never seen the show before, but this was the first time i’d seen the event live. Particular highlights include the return of the Hardeys (obs), the cruiser weight title match and Shane vs AJ. The latter seems to be the most controversial, i found it very interesting for Shane to be in a match with no stipulations or things to jump off.

I’ve also watched the raw and smackdown live shows this week (and quite looking forward to NXT tonight). Seeing Shinsuke on smackdown and the revival on raw. Key points from both shows:

  • Vince McMahon was on raw and spoke of the draft set for next week
  • Skinskue debuted on smackdown
  • Tye Dillinger debuted on smackdown
  • The revival debuted on raw
  • Kurt Angle is the new raw GM
  • Finn Balor returned to raw
  •  Erick Rowen returned to smackdown live

There was a really good promo between Shane and AJ, lots of respect shown by AJ, i hope he’s turning face. The biggest news from the two shows was Vince McMahon announcing the “superstar shake up” the night before, i hope they are bringing over/up a monster heel to SDLive, maybe a Kevin Owens or Rusev, this would give someone for AJ and or Shinsuke to feud with… Speaking of Shinsuke, that was all a bit strange, comes down in the middle of a Mix promo with live violin, doesn’t say a word, vanishes… cray cray.

Two really good shows, fingers crossed for NXT tonight. Can’t wait for the draft next week, might even stay up all night for it…

Until then…