The new COD went live this last Friday, I’m happy to report that as per usual I’ve forgone the campaign and plowed straight and solely into the multiplayer portion. Predictably I’m now suffering from a lack of sleep and tired thumbs!

The feel of the game at first impressions (at least aesthetically) is that of a mix between battlefield 1 and black ops 1, very gritty and mostly dull tones. Game play is little fast for my liking, but the removal of wall running, double jumps etc, makes for a more grounded (no pun intended) game (also, I’ve just come out of a battlefield phase).

Progression seems to work well, if not a little confusing at times. There is apparently three different ‘trees’ to progress down, your main tree (which could be likened to the old player level system), a weapon tree (to unlock attachments for guns you have to earn points with the weapon, normally through killing other players) and lastly, a class system (the perk tree is determined by the class you are playing with, for instance, the airborne division can run faster, climb faster etc. As you increase you division level you unlock more perks).

Maps seem good after a couple of hours of play, there are a few that I like and none that i hate, which is always a good sign.

I’ve really enjoyed playing it so far, and I look forward to investing a few more hours.

Anyway, I’ll update this after I prestige, seems like a good time to.



Summer Slam 2017

So, prediction time again, again, where i feel it’s needed i’ll detail why i think a result will happen:

Brock Lesnar (C) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman – WWE Universal Championship match = Brock Lesnar

I don’t see Brock leaving the WWE before Wrestlemania. He can’t fight in the UFC even if he wanted to.

Alexa Bliss (C) vs. Sasha Banks – WWE Raw Women’s Championship match = Alexa Bliss

With this match supposed to be with Bailey, they won’t change the whole storyline so Sasha wins, Bailey i doubt was booked to win either, there isn’t enough conflict with Bailey at the moment to give her a good title run.

Big Show vs. Big Cass – With Enzo Amore suspended above the ring in a shark cage = Big Cass

Big Show gains nothing by winning, big Cass can use this to end his feud and spring board onto other things

‘The Demon’ Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt = Finn Balor

Bray doesn’t win his feuds, and the WWE will want to keep the demon strong for the future, I think more important is that Finn remains healthy

Cesaro & Sheamus (C) vs. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins – WWE Raw Tag Team Championship match = Dean & Seth

They won’t lose after only forming on the go home show. If they do lose and immediately fall out then what was the whole point of them playing with it over the last few weeks

Towzawa (C) vs. Neville – WWE Cruiserweight Championship = Towzowa

I think they want to release Neville to the main roster and an Apollo-Neville program would work well to elevate Apollo and allow Neville to transition away from 205Live. This worries me as i think it signals the death of 205. They have recently split TJP and Neville, I think this may have been the foreshadowing of darker times.

Jinder Mahal (C) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Championship match = Nakamura

Jinder has held the belt for long enough, he can hang around the main event scene if the WWE want to squeeze more from him. A good run with Super Cena leading up to thanks giving, lets hope it doesn’t involve another flag match…

Naomi (C) vs. Natalya – WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship match = Naomi

Naomi has been improving week on week, i think the powers that be will keep the title on her, continue the growth and add another top level star to their roster. Another Becky as a top level face would do well (I’m not a huge fan of Charlotte as a face).

AJ Styles (C) vs. Kevin Owens – WWE United States Championship match (with Shane McMahon as special guest referee) = AJ Styles

AJ Styles, possibly with a shady finish setting up Shane and KO

Randy Orton vs. Rusev = Orton

I think Orton, he has lost repeatedly to Jinder over the last few PPV’s, i think Randy goes over and this match is never spoken of again, Randy goes off to do his own thing, Rusev starts what should be a push, but my turn into mid card hell in the next SDLive

The New Day (C) vs. The Usos – WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship match = New Day

The New Day, they are the biggest thing on the tag side of things, they have to win and retain. Knocking the New Day off so soon after their last loss (so soon by New Day standards). I think The New Day win clean, but the feud continues, possibly with two other teams becoming involved.

John Cena vs. Baron Corbin = John Cena

As much as Big Match John must win all, Baron seems to be trying to throw his push away. If the failed cash-in was anything to go by, belly button mouth is facing a squash match.


The tna problem

Every Friday, on spike tv, tna will air. This should be awesome and I should rightly be looking forward to a few hours in front of the box, I’m not. This is the closest i get to watching wrestling as i did way back when, I’ve never taken advantage of it…

This time last year they were doing some of the most amazing stuff ever seen inside a wrestling ring, at present they have a rehash of the heel Michael Cole storyline. How could they have fallen from the final deletion and Bobby Lashley collecting all the belts, to such depths. 

Losing Billy Corgan was a huge blow in my opinion. Billy wasn’t only good regarding knowledge and love for wrestling, but he was also woven into the storylines in a way which left a huge hole with his departure.

Other than the loss of Billy, the talent exodus was brutal, TNA impact lost so much momentum it will take a very long time to rebuild trust with the fans.


Crisis over

Finally got my geeky hat back on last night and finished up my iot rc car! I know, trust me I’m more surprised than you!

The project was one I enjoyed, but not a 2am passion. Though this meant the project took a lot longer than it should, it also means I did things after careful consideration. For the end product this has resulted in absolutely no tape being used (pretty sure this is a first), things have even been stuck down with glue .

The car does wheelies, all the time, it’s a happy accident. Also I haven’t managed to get cornering to work, I’m not bothered, I haven’t tried to be honest.

Want to keep moving on and not get bogged down in perfecting this. Need to revisit an old project, thinking about a total overhaul… ho hum, things to consider!

What is my problem?

so, why haven’t i been posting over the last couple of months? well my excuse up to this point is that i’ve recently moved house and have had to spend almost all my time fighting metaphorical fires. this now has thankfully ended, everything at home seems to be fairly sorted i’m happy to report.

one thing i would like to comment on is the lazy writing in the wwe at the moment, neither brand seems to have any direction and seems to be killing time. even the jinder title reign in sdl isn’t enough to peek my interest (he seems far too transitional, would love him not to be, but the speed of his build was ott to say the least).

hope to geek a little tonight, have already repaired a tripod today, may mount a camera to it and try for some more nighttime photography and even some light writing maybe… we’ll see, might just stream some borderlands 2.


On a different point i need to find an online community to take an active role in…

oh yeah, i printed a spaceship!

till’ next time