The tna problem

Every Friday, on spike tv, tna will air. This should be awesome and I should rightly be looking forward to a few hours in front of the box, I’m not. This is the closest i get to watching wrestling as i did way back when, I’ve never taken advantage of it…

This time last year they were doing some of the most amazing stuff ever seen inside a wrestling ring, at present they have a rehash of the heel Michael Cole storyline. How could they have fallen from the final deletion and Bobby Lashley collecting all the belts, to such depths. 

Losing Billy Corgan was a huge blow in my opinion. Billy wasn’t only good regarding knowledge and love for wrestling, but he was also woven into the storylines in a way which left a huge hole with his departure.

Other than the loss of Billy, the talent exodus was brutal, TNA impact lost so much momentum it will take a very long time to rebuild trust with the fans.



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