What is my problem?

so, why haven’t i been posting over the last couple of months? well my excuse up to this point is that i’ve recently moved house and have had to spend almost all my time fighting metaphorical fires. this now has thankfully ended, everything at home seems to be fairly sorted i’m happy to report.

one thing i would like to comment on is the lazy writing in the wwe at the moment, neither brand seems to have any direction and seems to be killing time. even the jinder title reign in sdl isn’t enough to peek my interest (he seems far too transitional, would love him not to be, but the speed of his build was ott to say the least).

hope to geek a little tonight, have already repaired a tripod today, may mount a camera to it and try for some more nighttime photography and even some light writing maybe… we’ll see, might just stream some borderlands 2.


On a different point i need to find an online community to take an active role in…

oh yeah, i printed a spaceship!

till’ next time




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