The changes i’d have

So, with the ‘supertstar shakeup’ next week, what changes would i make? Well to start off i’d give Stephanie a new gimmick, she’s worn out, old and stale, she is a large part of the reason i don’t enjoy raw as much as i could. She’s boring, she lives to assert her own importance. I will at this point take a moment to separate character from person, in RL i’m sure Stephanie is perfectly normal and in no way like the monster she portrays on TV once a week. Her not being at raw this weekend leaving Kurt to manage on his own was a blessing, and one that made the whole show much more enjoyable. I like Kurt as GM, I missed all the crazy Kurt stuff first time round, i don’t remember the sexy Kurt song, it’s a shame, it look like it was fantastic.

On to the wrestlers

Ok for most of this to work, AJ has to stay on smackdown. I, like everyone else has seen the rumours for months, AJ is moving to raw. I thought this was a done deal, AJ had come to the end of his feud with John Cena and didn’t have an obvious next step after wrestle mania. What convinced me was his promo with Shane this last Tuesday night, with the shuffle heels could be brought over from the heel heavy raw show. So i would bring over Rusev (and Lana) and a heel Roman Reigns. Roman would have a shot of being a legitimate heel against a babyface AJ, AJ could build his and work with him in a way no other superstar can at the moment. Rusev is very under utilised on raw, with Braun and Brock as monster heels, handsome Rusev doesn’t really get a look in. Brock and Braun would be a fantastic series, i’d defiantly tune in just for it.

I’d trade all of the women to smackdown and unify the belts, and i’d trade all of the tag teams to raw and again, unify the belts. This would deepen the talent pools of each roster respectively, and give each more TV time as more focused devisions leads to broader TV coverage. If this doesn’t happen the hinted-at move of Charlotte to smackdown would be great.

I do buy into what Shane said about smackdown being a much better show, i’m not sure why, i was thinking about the different storyline each show has run over the last few months and in my opinion, the Jeri-ko feud has been the best. Bray and Randy did well, but i agree with most saying the ending was rushed.

This is why i’d move Sami Zayn to smackdown, with John Cena off TV for a while, Sami could fillthe face hole left. This is assuming the a. AJ styles doesn’t fill the face hole and b. they bring over some heels to give all the faces rivalries.

Move of these moves bring stars from raw to smackdown, this is to allow for both Finn Balor and Seth Rollins to return, they missed most of last year through injury, and after bringing up Samoa Joe the roster is feeling pretty full of upper card talent. You may have also noticed that i haven’t brought anyone up from NXT, this is to try to rebuild this is all about rebuilding the brand. NXT were decimated last year as a result of the draft, they have to be given time to rebuild their various devisions.

This seems a little short, but i don’t think this should be at the same level at the draft, i may add more over the next few days though




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