New things

Hello! I haven’t updated for ages! I’ve moved house!

This all happened very suddenly, which i know doesn’t sound good, but we just bought our first home and the seller wanted out quickly. All is good and all is happy, i’ve just set up my office today 🙂 hummmmm desk to write at!


I’ve had the internet now for a few days and thus managed to watch wrestle mania for the first time. I don’t mean that i’ve never seen the show before, but this was the first time i’d seen the event live. Particular highlights include the return of the Hardeys (obs), the cruiser weight title match and Shane vs AJ. The latter seems to be the most controversial, i found it very interesting for Shane to be in a match with no stipulations or things to jump off.

I’ve also watched the raw and smackdown live shows this week (and quite looking forward to NXT tonight). Seeing Shinsuke on smackdown and the revival on raw. Key points from both shows:

  • Vince McMahon was on raw and spoke of the draft set for next week
  • Skinskue debuted on smackdown
  • Tye Dillinger debuted on smackdown
  • The revival debuted on raw
  • Kurt Angle is the new raw GM
  • Finn Balor returned to raw
  •  Erick Rowen returned to smackdown live

There was a really good promo between Shane and AJ, lots of respect shown by AJ, i hope he’s turning face. The biggest news from the two shows was Vince McMahon announcing the “superstar shake up” the night before, i hope they are bringing over/up a monster heel to SDLive, maybe a Kevin Owens or Rusev, this would give someone for AJ and or Shinsuke to feud with… Speaking of Shinsuke, that was all a bit strange, comes down in the middle of a Mix promo with live violin, doesn’t say a word, vanishes… cray cray.

Two really good shows, fingers crossed for NXT tonight. Can’t wait for the draft next week, might even stay up all night for it…

Until then…



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