Sports and entertainment

Watching both smack down and raw again this week something struck me, there is a profound difference between sports and entertainment. Obviouse really I know, but raw seems to be doing something pretty risky, and so far it’s not paying off.

I love to watch the UFC, I think the whole package is fantastic. The way they link between fights though, this is something worth exploring.

With the nature of ‘real life’ and ‘real athletes’, the UFC has its hand forced with regards the story leading up to any given contest. Promos are short, if at all, and there really is no link between matches. This works well, given the fact that the talent often gets injured in the lead up, there is no point inventing an angle that neither competitor really wants and that could be ruined by a failed ped test or missed weight at any moment.

The WWE is very different in this regard, I count WWE as an entertainment, for it to be entertaining it needs to draw me in. UFC doesn’t, it’s a sports show, I’m interested in the competition and it’s there to report it. This is the way of the universe and to be honest, it works well.

This all brings me back to raw. To me, it feels that the creative team are trying to go down a more UFC based setup, that they want the feuds to be exclusive (no cross overs). I’m not sure if this is because it works better as clips on the internet. They also seem to want to go with more realism, making a mockery of all the ‘odd’ teams, the  ascension being a prime example. I don’t like it. For me, the super stars weaving in and out of reality is half the fun, having stone cold, with his pretty true to life gimmick, on the same stage as Kane was fantastic. Smack down are doing it correctly, the super stars mingle in and out of each other’s story lines, bray wyatt works with AJ Styles, randy orton, Luke Harper styles has worked with John Cena, bray pinned cena etc. This makes the show seem far more free flowing, much less like a clip show.

There is the possibility I’m talking a load of rubbish. I’ve never studied media and I’ve only been watching for the last year, but there is a profound difference between the two shows.


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