Raw week 2

Second week in a row watching raw, still pretty happy. This isn’t going to be a long post, more of a quick collection of thoughts. 

First, Mick Foleys promos are going from strength to strength, I witnessed the moment when he didn’t know where he was, I watched him try to bar Chris Jericho from his own match, I’m very happy to say so far I haven’t seen a hint of a shake or a wobble. He’s being used too.

Second, my previous thoughts on Stephanie are holding true, still belittleing her talent, still not doing it for me.

Third, how can the WWE claim to be anti bullying when the bosses daughter treats her staff so badly and the companies problem with Titus ONeil is so blatant.

Fourth, don’t put as big glowing ‘vs’ between two people signing a contract, it’s not a competition!

Sidebar, strange to see a (the cruiser weight) devision so heavy with non US talent.

That’s all, the show was ok, felt more gutted for Mick by the end of the night than anything else. 
Bring back the sock


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