Smack down 21.2.17

Era of wyatt video package recap of brey and Luke Harper


Daniel Brian walks to the ring invites Naomi to the ring (woman champion),

She is asked to relinquishing the title as she is injured, she does.

Alexia bliss come down to the ring and asks for the title,      Daniel thinks about it, but instead makes a match between alexia and Becky lynch.


Becky lynch vs alexia bliss for the title

Alexia goes over and is the new champ, goes over cheap with a double throat strike,

mickey James tries to rush Becky, fails


Pre recorded interviews from some of the 10 men in the battle          royal to decide who will face brey wyatt for the title at wrestlemania


Interview with Natalia criticising Nikki Bella


Breezango vs American alpha tag match

Breezango jump aa as the match starts,

American alpha win in a squash match,

usos come from the crowd and taunt aa,

lots of energy from usos,

not sure if the titles were ever on the line


More promos from the 10 stars in the battle royal


Nikki Bella promo


Nikki Bella vs Natalia falls count anywhere

Apparently falls count anywhere means hardcore match,      Nikki Bella used a kendo stick on natty, interesting more for a baby face, battling all over the arena.

Natty goes over


10 man battle royal

Luke Harper had a new entrance

Bayron elim mojo

Dolf elim calisto

Apollo elim ziggler

Ziggler grabs a chair and hits calisto

Corbin elim apollo

Cena elim miz

Ambrose elim Corbin

Corbin drags dean out and delivers the end of days

Miz elim Cena, even though he has already been eliminated

Harper elim ambrose

Last two aj styles vs Luke Harper

Both went over top rope

Daniel Brian says it was a draw and they’ll settle it next week


Brey wyatt and randy Ortiz close the show laughing




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