RAW 20.2.17

RAW 20.2.17


open, silent George the animal Steele vinyett


festival of friendship recap

“how come my name is on this”


KO promo, spotlit inring

Very solitary “you suck” chant

In suit, looked good

spoke about fast lane and facing goldberg

saya he know he’ll walk out still the champ

close up on KO’s face

“i know how to play the game better than anyone else”

subtle ref to triple h

“super heros don’t exist”

“as far as chis jericho goes…” long pause, drops mic,

walks up the ramp


Cesaro + Sheamas vs Enzo and big Cass (no1 contenders match)

enzo and cats go over clean

Cesaro looked impressive and entertaining

Sheamas brogue kicked Enzo after the match, great close up, full contact, head kick!

Good match


Mick and KO promo

Mick tells Kevin he has a match with Sami Zane tonight

Kevin warns Mick that he’ll end up with more wrestlers on the injured list than in the locker room


Bayley recorded video package

Meh, ok, so it was pretty good


Mick Foley is telling Roman that he can’t fight Braun Strowman as he’s booked in a match with the big show

Gallows and Anderson appear saying they have unfinished business

Mick makes the match, good promo from Mick


Cruiserweight match Brian Kendrick vs Akira Tozawa

No match, hardly a minute of action

Kendrick beat the snott out of Tozawa

Kendrick is interviewed and claimed it was about respect


Roman Reigns vs Gallows and Anderson

Handicap match 2-1 gallows and anderson have to tag

Roman booked to look super strong, Gallows brings a chair into the ring, roman uses it to get the DQ

After the match Roman ruins the chair over Luke’s back

Hit a good mid air spear as Karl Anderson comes off the top rope


New day vs Handsome Rusev and Jinder Mahal

Lana stole the plans for the secret ice cream machine, surreal, ingredients included a flux capacitor and booty drops!

Big E makes a comment about Lana being russian

Match starts, kinda forgot there was one

Wood stole Lana’s iPad during the match, they destroyed it and full on tore apart the iPad, mental

Oh yeah, the match ended, new Day won, kind of paled in comparison to the crazy antics on the outside


Tribute to George the animal Steele

Really nice video package

David Arquette was in it, weird!


Cruiserweight championship signing

Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries start in the ring and signs the contract

Nevill comes to the ring

Nevill signs the contract and goes to walk off

Good promo between the two

Jack goes over


Womens match Nia Jax vs jobber Sarah Pierce

Squash match

After match Nia asks for a title shot, she “puts the champ on notice” – retarded phrase


Bayley promo

Stephanie comes out and asks her to give up her title

Sasha Banks comes out and tells Bayley not to.

Bayley says no

Charlotte comes down, says she’ll take the title


Charlotte vs Sasha wth Bayley on commentary

Charlotte worked Sasha’s knee

Dana Brooke runs in to help Charlotte, Bayley intercepts and prevents

Sasha picks up the win


Sami Zayn backstage interview

Good promo

Called Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens selfish


KO vs Sami Zayn

another “how come my names is on this”

Michael Cole listed Chris Jerichos injuries, one was emotionally scarred?!?!

Samoa Joe attacks Sami on his way to the ring

After Joe beat down Sami, he still wanted to compete

KO takes advantage going straight on offence as the bell rings

KO wins, almost squash match


Ivan Koloff vinyet


Stephanie and Mick promo

Steph asks Mick why he didn’t come out to help

Mick says he enjoyed it and she brought on it herself

She slaps Mick down and threatens his job

He retorted that she’s causing all the problems

She says she doesn’t want him to have an accident as he leaves


*massive contrast to shane and daniel*


Brock Lesnar and Paul Cayman sit down with Michael Cole

Brock didn’t say a word

Brock stood up, Michael Cole scurried away


Braun Strowman vs Big Show

Big Show looks in fantastic shape

match starts at a great pace

Strowman kicks out of the show stopper 8 mins in

Bigshow climbed the ropes, got to the second

Strowman picked up big show like he was nothing

Strowman kicked out of the KO punch

Bigshow tried the big show again

Strowman botched the running power slam, show kicks out

Strowman delivers another power slam and picks up the victory

match ran 12 minutes, good to close


Roman comes out the minute the bell rings

makes a beeline for strowman

lands a superman punch strowman stays up

Strowman ends up beating up roman









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