Vince and his toys

Vince loves to meddle, most of the time, this is for the better and goes completely unnoticed. The problem comes when he makes a decision that most of the universe disagrees with.

Vince has been in the business as we know it, since it began, i would go as far to say that he started the business that we know and love. Vince was responsible for the monday night wars and without those wars, nothing would be the way it is. Those wars gave us stone cold, the rock, the undertaker, kane, DDP, (crow) sting, hollywood hogan and many many others. Please don’t think that i don’t give Vince full credit for this, with out Mr McMahon the atmosphere for the best era of wrestling wouldn’t have been there and i doubt many of the stars we take for granted and band around on these message boards would have existed.

The problem is Vince is still trying to micro manage the entire brand, this leaves Vince, Shane, Stephanie, Mick and Daniel all trying to put there own personal seal on everything. To his credit, Shane and Daniel are coming out best, it is no surprise to see me say that smackdown live is, imo, the better show. Yes raw is handicapped by the three hour time frame, yes they have to showcase the cruiser weights, but raw for me is where you can easiest spot Vince interfering and making changes.

The reason for this post came from JD’s podcast. JD claims that Vince wants to move AJ Styles to RAW. Now i say claim because I haven’t heard this from anyone other than JD, he’s never normally wrong, i couldn’t in a million year imagine him making up a story, i trust his knowledge and insight. But the burden of proof doesn’t lie with me or JD. I bring this up and then refuse to defend it, I hear you say, the fact that we as fans could even entertain the idea is because we’ve seen the WWE make such epically stupid decisions time and time again.

Now i understand Vinces’ logic, he sees RAW as the main brand, he built his company around it after all, but we’re not company people, we’re media consumers, i know many people who only watch smack down, not because they’re busy on a monday, but because they don’t like the way raw is written or delivered. The problems come from this clash of ideas, Vince said in a promo the two brand were going head to head and the fans have picked their side and are voting with their feet (or tv remotes). The problem now comes from this team mentality, i watch smack down, i like smack down, i like AJ Styles on smack down. Moving AJ Styles to RAW causes me issues, but not many, i assume that moving AJ to RAW will not change RAW in the slightest. AJ will then (in my eyes) be put through the RAW booking, will work his promos in the RAW way, the shadow of Roman Reigns and Stephanie McMahon looming large over him. I think AJ is amazing, i don’t think they had him do much while he was champion, but moving AJ to RAW will just mean that i don’t see AJ Styles any more.

I’m sorry to say that my biggest problem with RAW is Stephanie, to me, she is toxic. Don’t get me wrong, fantastic in all regards behind a podium, great promos, natural in the ring and i’m sure a good human. having said that, she belittles her talent publicly, this wouldn’t be a problem, except in my eyes, all she has done is steadily run the quality of the storylines into the ground. I used to fully put triple h in the same boat, but with is the amazing work he has done with NXT i would be quite happy if he took over…

Stephanie should say at RAW, but she should start valuing her employees, Vince should return things to the way they were in the attitude era, one person running one show, Steph for RAW and leave smack down in shades very capable hands.


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