The WWE and other main wrestling promotions use different techniques to attract views/fans. This maybe the ultra violence of CZW or the theatrics of NJPW. I will admit I don’t closely follow the indy promotions, of course I’ve seen the will ospreay vs ricochet match and omega vs okada, as well as many others, but, with mixed results. The problem I have with getting into the indy shows is the lack of knowledge I have regarding the wrestlers. This i know comes down to booking, how much info can you cram in for the new viewer without annoying the return viewer.

There are many problems I have with the current booking of the WWE and different athletes, and there are many problems that I had with the shows when I used to watch them. My main problem is buying into the boarderline pantomime behaviour of the adults. Case in point would be James Ellsworth with regards to Carmella, dressing and acting in a way he never normally would, having everything feel so forced… The LOD dressed outlandishly, but did so ‘honestly’. Mankind acted very strangely, but again did so in a believable way. With James it feel like the company wants us to laugh at him, something I have never been comfortable doing. I know we’re supposed to laught at breezango, but they just own the whole thing so well, i know there popularity is growing and it’s not hard to see why. WWE talent can do a fantastic job, they can make a ridiculous gimmick work, there are soooo many examples, please insert your favourite. When the bookers are working with superstars that maybe need to work on certain aspects of their work, showing them up and making an example of them only works to alienate this fan.

Most of the decisions the booking team make are fantastic, the end of team Chris and Kevin was fantastic recently, the huge number of fantastic stories from all the years gone (my favourite would have to be the ministry of Darkness). I think it just stands out when they get it wrong, when James Ellsworth stands next to Dean Ambrose and across from AJ Styles, the holes in his promos are going to show up.

Other issues are much less objective, at wrestle mania 32 the new day emerged from a huge box of booty-o’s cereal, dressed in DBZ saiyan armour. Why? so many times why? what did this add to the character of the new day? ok, so i now know that they like anime, not sure how much this will play into anything in ring… Made them look silly, not in the normal unicorn way, not silly as an insult, just finger painting silly.

I know the only reasons these things are running through my hear is the time of year, waiting for the WWE to wrap everything up in a bow.


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