Fallout and the issues with RPGs

I love the fallout series, I’ve played them all and completed them since 3. I love the story, the entire idea of an alternate universe stuck in the 50’s era but based in the future after a nuclear war. The entire thing is totally enthralling, from the nuka world cola to the children of atom, the franchise has built up a fascinating wasteland, be it dc, vegas or boston.

All though all games are worth playing in my opinion, I’ll b focusing mostly on fallout 4. This is the game I have played most recently and possibly the one I have enjoyed the most. The game has many improvements over its predecessors, graphically it is several light years in front, where the entire world felt sparse in new vegas, 4 feels full and working. The colour scheme is far less drab as well, diamond city feels and looks extra vibrant.

As far as characters go, the buddy system works very well, although I only payed this the tiniest of effort right at the end of my play though, I can see and did use the system in the end. The characters themselves are complex, deep and much more interactive than I was used to in fallout games. From bubberly and moral Piper, to much less of both Kate, to walking tank Danse. Each character has their own perk to be maxed out and a number have special skills that can be ultilised at different moments (such as lock picking, this saves on perks). This is one of my favourite featchers of the game.

Size is obviously important when discussing rpgs, and I’m happy to say the average player won’t be left wanting, not only is the game physically large, but the game is deep. Let me explaine. The fallout world is so densely populated by Easter eggs (good will hunting in the school), that what is doesn’t have in sq miles it more than makes up for in detailed content. All in all very impressive with a good variety of landscapes, not quite at the sky rim level, but I always thought they pushed the envelope a little to far (sky rim always felt like snow biome boardered a beach biome). Exploitable buildings are both detailed and frequent, these often offer lots in the way of expanded content.

So what are my biggest problems with both fallout and rpgs in general? Well that would be the linear storyline. In a game so big I know it can be a hard task, in fallout, the fact that your child is missing I feel plays a lot into this problem, if you’re son is missing, what are you doing protecting other settlements, find your son! What I’m really saying is if you don’t 100% agree with the direction your story is taking it feels fake and forced. This is probably the last thing the a story driven experience needs, to have a audience question why and not just accept what is happening as it unfolds.

I love rpgs, some of my favourite games, the ones I have had the most fun completing (and if you haven’t completed an rpg, how can you claim to like it) have been rpgs. Yes, an individual cod map can be many times more beautiful, but for the scale, rpgs can take your breath away, just hike to the top of my chilliad in gta 5, or better, take a faggio.


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