Console & PC vs mobile

Why oh why aren’t there better games on mobile phones?? It’s not like they don’t have the processing power, they have the most beautiful displays, good enough sound too! I accept that there is the control issue, but really? Why can no one make a good Bluetooth controller? Sony and Microsoft have both managed it. It really can’t be too hard, especially for scuff or even madcatz (if they’re still in business)

Mobile phone games are a huge business, the hype generated by them is on par with there bigger triple a cousins. The two biggest recent examples of these are Pokémon go and fallout shelter, both huge and relatively simple. My greatest concern is the other developers will see these two huge titles and try to cash grab, releasing similar titles that have nothing in the way of story or even characters. Both Pokémon and fallout are huge game franchises with massive universes and large critically acclaimed back catalogues, this is what made the two mobile games so popular, the ability to access the two universes on a mobile devise. Fallout shelter and pokemon go would both have been average titles with out the lore that already surrounded the titles.

The best mobile phone games I have ever played are as follows:

  1. Radiation island
  2. XCOM
  3. Football manager
  4. Civ
  5. Momentum

Big mix, and there are a few which very nearly made the list, games such as Asphalt8 and world of tanks. What confuses me more is the absence of certain games, ftl would be an easy port (so easy it is available for the iPad but not iPhone?!?!) and kerbal space program for that matter. The demand is there, the money is too, why these teams don’t produce mobile ports of the game I don’t know.

By far my biggest gripe is the lack of story in the current crop of mobile games. PC and console users are spoilt for choice, recent standouts include the last of us (some of the greatest character development ever seen in media imo) and fallout 4 (i was genuinely gutted when i got to the last great twist). On the phone i really struggle to think of a game with any story, bastion had some, but it made little difference, and CSR racing, which has a story mode akin to some of the worse the need for speed offered. One glance of the app store reveals nothing to give hope. So many games now are just candy crush clones, thinking back to farmville shows the same issues. A game without a story is like a football/rugby/baseball where they don’t keep score. Surely the less a player identifies with a character the less like they are to play for an extended time, thinking of WoW and how attached the players become to their characters, basically living their lives through the game. My questions is why mobile games companies don’t want a share of this, i know they could produce a mmorpg for a mobile platform, i’ve played one (celtic heroes).

Another issue i have is the quality of the pc ports that have come over, xcom is one of my favourite mobile game, gta san andreas is also available. Both of these games are fantastic, why a mobile property couldn’t be released is beyond me, i understand that the team would be larger and you can’t sell the property for the same amount, but if a fantastic game came out on a mobile platform, surely the number of people who own a compatible device would prove it to be profitable. I can only explain it as laziness…


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