COD Infinite Warfare

So this is my first cod in a while, last time I played was mw3 since having moved over to the battlefield series.
All in all I like it, progression seems well thought out, I like the customisation system, the points system works well and seems to do a lot for the balance of the game.

Must say i’ve only played TD on core and hardcore, yes this is a tiny part of the game, yes the devs focused far more on the rest of the game, but i pretty much only play td, on all the games i play, haven’t played the campaign on any shooter game since world at war. Not one of them. Thus the comparisons i draw are based on the same criteria.

Graphics are fantastic, not just in detail (I do worry we’re being spoilt at the moment) but also in choice of colour pallet. I’ve had more than enough of fighting through drab semi ruined cities, a little neon goes down well. Smaller field of view than i’m used to. This has the effect of increasing graphic quality imo and also keeping the small team, small to medium sized map feeling fast.

The way you score points, kills, double and triple kills etc is as nice as it ever has been, satisfying and non invasive, the series has always done this very well and it’s nice to see it’s inclusion in the newest.

Controls feel fantastic, as i said this is my first cod in quite a while, thus, this is my first experience with jet packs, wall running and power slides. These feel both useful and fairly intuitive. Haven’t mastered any of the skills yet (after 3 days of on off play), but can see how they could be very useful and add much to the game, allowing for much easier access to multiple levels. the double jump wall run combo really does allow for a tactical advantage on many maps.

Weapons, quickly working my way through mastering the assault rifle class, making too much progress imo, on the verge of maxing my third in class (class is only 5 guns strong). Working through the type-2 at the moment, much slower to progress than the previous two, i can’t say i’m enjoying playing with the weapon. Splitting it into akimbo auto-pistols is a nice touch, but it goes against my play style, i have the same complaint of the EBR-800, although i really like it as a sniper rifle, and think it has an amazing sound as an assault rifle. Side arms i’ve tried, didn’t get on with and then removed, I really do like the point system of setting up the load out. Switching to fists when i wanted to split my type-2 is very annoying though.

Haven’t played zombies yet, i’ve never enjoyed a zombie mode, but will try it because i’m a glutton for punishment! Keep well, will update this in a few days when i’ve played slightly more of the game.



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