How does this work?

So, this is my first post, disclaimer i’m dyslexic, this is now your problem, good luck!

So what are my first impressions of wordpress? Simply it meets my expectations, sites like this rely on the content of the creators. This blog will either work based on the strength of my personality and quality of my content, or it won’t. Tutorials would be nice, how to add different effects, walk throughs for different types of content, personally i plan on adding video content (gets me away from typing) and photos, not sure it is obvious how to do this.

Also the stock themes (which you’ll see i’m rocking like a boos at time of typing) are uninspiring to say the least, maybe they just don’t appeal to me and the content i wish to create.

Another point is i want to add this to twitter and facebook, really not sure if this is possible, i’ve been off both for about 3 years now so rejoining should be a pleasant surprise!

So, time to go and make so content to share, not sure what but as previously mentioned this blog will live and die on it, so guess i should put my best foot forward.



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